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  The Guangzhou Nansha  Pearl River Delta World Trade Center Tower, with a total investment of RMB 150  million, is one of the most important projects developed by Dr. Henry Fok Ying  Tung, (Vice-Chairman, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) in  Nansha New Coast City, China. The Tower has become the exclusive Regular Member  of the World Trade Center Association in Pearl River Delta since its official  membership registration on October 17, 2000.
  Situated in the  central district of New Coast City, Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone, the  Tower is close to the Nansha Ferry Terminal. Within a radius of 60 km, there  are 14 major cities and 5 international airports at Guangzhou, Shenzhen,  Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau. To ensure the efficient and convenient  transportation between Nansha and other major economic regions, a comprehensive  transportation network of expressways, railways, subways and waterways is  developing rapidly. Nansha becomes the center of the “Golden Triangle” of  Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau.
  The Tower provides  148 5-star hotel-type service luxury apartments including a wide range of  leisure amenities for the use of business executives based in or traveling in  the Nansha District and Pearl River Delta Region as well as the entire  Guangdong Province.
  The tower is  twenty-two stories high and overlooks the beautiful scenery of the Pearl River  Delta. The tower design reflects a lot of originality. An open design with  glazed external walls is adopted to bring vigor and freshness. The provision of  sky gardens on every three floors facilitates a spectacular view of the Pearl  River and natural scenery. The greenery of internal garden terraces helps  creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Minimalism, a modern design  concept, is used in interior decoration. The use of electric induction cooker  facilitates a smoke-free and healthy living environment. 
  The intelligent  management system is installed to enhance comfort and safety. Wi-Fi (wireless)  Ethernet network covers all residential and public areas to offer a highly  efficient workplace for businessmen.
  The Pearl River Delta  World Trade Center Club is located on Level 2 of the Tower. A business center  is provided for international trading and economic affairs. WTCA Members can  share resources, facilities, information system and online services with  750,000 Corporate Members all over the world.                    
  The Tower will also  act a bridge of economic affairs between the coastland and mainland, the  domestic and overseas.