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About World Trade Centers Association
The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), launched by Guy F. Tozzoli also assuming the office of president in 1970, is a non-profit and non-political association, which is committed to promote word trade. Currently, there are altogether over 300 World Trade Centers located in over 100 countries and regions. More than 750,000 companies and enterprises have become members of the WTCA.
Trade Information Service
The World Trade Center provides the up-to-date information service about trade everywhere in the world including local products and services, market conditions, government regulations and business culture. The World Trade Center can furnish detailed profiles of local business contacts.
Business Services
Business services include the most advanced support facilities, such as video conferencing, Internet access, secretarial service, temporary office space, meeting rooms and translation capabilities.
Trade Training Services
Trade training services provide practical training classes, seminars and courses, mainly to aim at key local and global business issues.
Trade Shows and Exhibit Space
Many World Trade Centers provide their own exhibition facilities. Trade shows take a stimulating role on the local economy.
Trade Delegation
Trade delegations, through cooperation with a World Trade Center, help business enterprises expand new markets and promote their products and services.
Business Clubs
Business clubs are characterized for providing comfortable lounge and dining services for their guests. In addition, many World Trade Centers also provide private rooms with general office services for individuals.
The WTCA supports the provider of the financial supply chain placed in a leading position. The TradeCard is regarded as a revolution of world trade. Owning such a trade card, business parties can manage their whole trading process form trade bargaining to deal ending, and trading processes become completely visible, so that their cash flows can be optimized and their dependence of credit limit can be reduced.
WTC Member Services
Possess the privilege of using the registered trade mark and symbol design of the WTCA exclusively. <BR>Possess the right to use the networking markets in the WTCA members’ local places exclusively. <BR>Be able to acquire information and services through other World Trade Centers. <BR>A local member can enjoy the mutual privilege in all the World Trade Centers and WTC clubs.
The WTCA online services include:
The WTCA Internet website, MY WTCA ONLINE, provides the characteristic information and electronic business services, including: trade opportunities, catalogue, news, stock price, package mail enquiry, international trade data, weather of the world, and many others.
The WTCA Website:
420 Lexington Ave., Suite 518, New York, NY 10170 E-mail:wtca@wtca.org Web address: www.wtca.org