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Auxiliary Facilities
For your perfect activity preparation, we provide following facilities and equipments:
Tea   Mike   AV Equipments    Projector    Projection Screen   Paper and Pen
White Board and Pencil   Greeting Board   Indication Board   Name Board   Wireless Internet     Speech Platform
Other Charging Items:
1. Banner: Charging Standard: CNY200/Each; Spec.: 7M×0.6M/0.8M, 4.5M×0.6M/0.8M
Content: Provide the content of banner to our company at least 3 days in advance;
Requirement on Banner: red bottom and white letters (or according to your requirements).
2. Table Flower: CNY150/Each, reserve in advance.
3. 10% service fee is charged for bring fruits, foods and drinks, it is not allowed take fruit which has serious odor and are difficult to open such as durian and pineapple.
4. Tea snack service (foods, fruit and drinks), reserve in advance, charging standard: CNY