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Tourism Guide
Sunflower Garden: The sunflowers blossom throughout the year, which is the only one in the world. Sunflower Garden has 18 kinds of enjoyable sunflower spices from Europe and Japan, and 1 millions of sunflowers blossom at any time of a year. It also provides “Sunflower Chicken” which is famous in Guangzhou.


Nansha Wetland Part
The sightseeing boat drifts in the “Puzzle of Water”, Nansha Wetland Scenic Spot settles at the west bank of the sea outlet of the Pearl River with an area of 200 hectare, guests may enjoy the “reed marshes in the water, birds in the mangrove, beautiful lotus flower in the pond, and top pleasure” here. Tel: 020-84951083


Nansha Water Park
Enjoy the “Charm of the Nature and Culture”, the “Charm of the Nature” is shown from the natural environment with marine and land plants, which is the appeal to the nature and the sea; “The Charm of Culture” shows the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign Guangzhou history and culture, which is the recall of Guangzhou spirit. It includes the Marine Silk Road culture, modern Marine Silk Road culture and ocean creation culture etc. Tel: 020-84981223


Puzhou Garden:
Puzhou Garden settles at the southeast of Nansha New Town, backs the Dajiao Mountain in the south, Puzhou Mountain in the north, and the Pearl River in the east with an area of 23 hectare.

Golf Club
The golf club is constructed along the mountain with excellent natural environment, and then first 18 holes are on the valley floor, the fairway extends along to the slope to the west; the last 18 holes are at the north of the valley, and the fairway is uneven with diversified changes and top interest. Guest may thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of golf after a busy day.


Nansha Beer House
in the elegant Puzhou Garden, enjoy the fresh beer and BBQ party in the beer house, what a wonderful moment!

Tianhou Palace
The reconstructed Nansha Tianhou Palace settles at the south foot of Nansha Dajiao Mountain and faces the Lingdingyang. The beautiful and kind Tianhou Sculpture settles on the 1.5 hectare plaza.