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" The Southern Metropolis Daily": Nansha should develop seaside tourism
Published:2011/9/27 16:15:22

Nandu news reporter Deng Heng from peeling off Guangzhou to Nansha provincial capital moves, and then to forty years a recycling Hongkong, on the Nansha development topic recently very busy. But Guangzhou latitude lines that, if no special policies ( such as duty-free Island ), Nansha from Guangzhou may not develop well. Instead, Guangzhou relies on vigorously develop seaside tourism development, Nansha will be better.

According to statistics, in 2010 Nansha District realizes area total output value 48568000000 yuan, Guangzhou ranks the ten in the countdown to the first. Lack of human capital is less, the main factor that restricts Nansha economy make a spurt of progress, and the positioning of Nansha swing, also to a certain extent, affected the development of. Latitude and longitude lines that, once out of Guangzhou, the lack of the G D P Guangzhou trillion national center city is strong prop up, even though there is policy support, the development of Nansha 's future is unknown.

However, Nansha has 25 kilometers long coastline, and in the area of economy of Pearl River Delta 's geometric center, with Nansha as the center, around 60 km radius of 14 large and medium-sized city, residents income level high. Along with the people living standard enhancement, the tourism has become a part of people's life.

Austrian Park harbour city, Bi GUI Villa Park, South Bay and Vanke office before the age of 1 in Nansha City, residential product quality increase. As the development of adjusting control, the Nansha residential market competition will be increased gradually, and the Nansha commercial real estate will be just unfolding, the layout of commercial real estate, development of coastal tourism resort property characteristics, to a certain extent, to occupy the commanding heights of Nansha real estate market.

The Southern Metropolis Daily in September 6, 2011