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Scholars have suggested that the Nansha to build new administrative center of Guangdong
Published:2011/9/28 9:19:09

Guangzhou Nansha new area how to locate? Guangzhou University Guangzhou Development Research Institute this paper puts forward a new point of view -- suggestions to build Nansha into the new administrative center of Guangdong Province, the Guangdong provincial Party committee, the provincial government 's main offices gradually moved to Nansha, eventually realize where administrative office. The views of the two scholars are Guangdong Province System Reform Research Association vice president and secretary general, Guangdong Province comprehensive reform development research institute executive director Zhou Linsheng and South China University of Technology School of public administration, political science lecturer Dr Yu Feng. Together they wrote" in the construction of Nansha new developed area of Guangdong Province the administrative center of the new thinking and suggestion of" one article has been published in new income" Guangzhou Blue Book Series" of" China Guangzhou city construction development report.". "The future of new Guangzhou territory should be the old city center and Nansha seaside new city center of gravity for two or two radial pole, a whole ' dumbbell ' of the new city zone."